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International Conference on Green Energy, will be organized around the theme “Renewable Energy & Emerging Technologies”

Green Energy 2019 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Green Energy 2019

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Solar panels converts the sun's lightweight in to usable alternative energy victimization N-type and semiconductor device material. Once daylight is absorbed by these materials, the alternative energy knocks electrons loose from their atoms, permitting the electrons to flow through the fabric to provide electricity. This method of changing lightweight (photons) to electricity (voltage) is named the electrical phenomenon (PV) result , presently star panels convert most of the actinic radiation spectrum and regarding half the ultraviolet and actinic ray spectrum to usable alternative energy. Solar energy technologies use the sun's energy and light-weight to produce heat, light, hot water, electricity, and even cooling, for homes, businesses, and business.

  • Track 1-1Green Energy in Transport
  • Track 1-2 Green Buildings and Infrastructures
  • Track 1-3Green Policies and Programs
  • Track 1-4Greenhouse gas abatement costs and potentials

Sustainable energy is energy that's consumed at insignificant rates compared to its offer and with manageable collateral effects, particularly environmental effects. Another common definition of property energy is associate degree energy system that serves desires |the requirements |the wants| of this while not compromising the flexibility of future generations to fulfill their energy needs. Not all renewable energy is property. Whereas renewable energy is outlined as energy sources that are naturally replenished on an individual's timescale, property (often stated as 'clean') energy should not compromise the system within which it's adopted to the purpose of being unable to supply for future want. The organizing principle for property is property development, which has the four interconnected domains: ecology, economics, politics and culture property science is that the study of property development and biological science.

  • Track 2-1Space Based Solar Power (SBSV)
  • Track 2-2Biomass & Biogas
  • Track 2-3Sustainable coal use and clean coal technologies
  • Track 2-4Potential Benefits of Energy Efficiency
A biofuel could be a fuel that's created through modern biological processes, like agriculture and anaerobic digestion, instead of a fuel created by earth science processes like those concerned within the formation of fossil fuels, like coal and crude oil, from prehistoric biological matter.
Biofuels will be derived directly from plants (i.e. energy crops), or indirectly from agricultural, commercial, domestic, and/or industrial wastes Renewable biofuels typically involve modern carbon fixation, like people who occur in plants or microalgae through the method of chemical action. Alternative renewable biofuels are created through the employment or conversion of biomass (referring to recently living organisms, most frequently bearing on plants or plant-derived materials). This biomass will be reborn to convenient energy-containing substances in 3 totally different ways: thermal conversion, chemical conversion, and organic chemistry conversion. This biomass conversion may result in fuel, solid, liquid, or gas type. This new biomass also can be used directly for biofuels.
  • Track 3-1Microbial pathways for advanced biofuels production
  • Track 3-2Synthesis of advanced biofuels
  • Track 3-3Advanced biofuels from pyrolysis oil
  • Track 3-4Hydrogen Fuel cells
Bioremediation could be a method want to treat contaminated media, together with water, soil and submersed material, by fixing environmental conditions to stimulate growth of microorganisms and degrade the target pollutants. In several cases, bioremediation is a smaller amount pricey and additional property than different remedy alternatives. Biological treatment could be a similar approach want to treat wastes together with effluent, industrial waste and solid waste.
  • Track 4-1Bioleaching
  • Track 4-2Bio augmentation
  • Track 4-3Mycoremediation
The inexperienced economy is outlined as Associate in Nursing economy that aims at reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities, which aims for property development while not degrading the atmosphere. It's closely connected with ecological political economy, however incorporates a  lot of politically applied focus. The 2011 UNEP inexperienced Economy Report argues that to be inexperienced, Associate in Nursing economy should not solely be economical, however conjointly truthful. Fairness implies recognizing international and country level equity dimensions, notably in reassuring a simply transition to Associate in Nursing economy that's low-carbon, resource economical, and socially inclusive.
  • Track 5-1Renewable energy
  • Track 5-2Green buildings
  • Track 5-3Sustainable transport
  • Track 5-4Water management
  • Track 5-5Waste management
  • Track 5-6Land management
Climate change isn't new and also the Earth’s climate has modified several times naturally throughout lots of years and might additionally amendment in exactly a few years. Climate changes square measure caused by the full quantity of energy received from the   sun that's unbroken within the Earth’s atmosphere. These changes square measure unfold round the world by winds and ocean currents. Over the last 2 million years the Earth’s climate has modified naturally repeatedly from ice ages to a far hotter climate. Natural changes within the Earth’s climate square measure caused by: - tiny changes within the Earth’s orbit round the sun and tiny changes in the lean (axis) of the planet.
- volcanic eruptions from volcanoes ashore and below the ocean.
- changes within the quantity of energy we tend to get from the sun as well as sunspots.
  • Track 6-1Greenhouse gases and Effects
  • Track 6-2Mitigation
  • Track 6-3Global Warming Effects & Causes
  • Track 6-4Carbon Cycle
  • Track 6-5Solutions for Climate Change
  • Track 6-6Sustainable Development
Energy is a global journal for the publication of vital, terribly top quality, agenda-setting analysis with reference to energy conversion and storage, various fuel technologies and ecology. For work to be printed it should be of great general interest to our community-spanning audience. The scope is deliberately broad and also the journal recognizes the quality of problems associate degreed challenges with reference to energy and ecology and thus significantly welcomes work of an knowledge base nature across each the (bio)chemical and (bio)physical sciences and chemical engineering disciplines.
  • Track 7-1Solar Energy
  • Track 7-2Hydroelectric Energy
  • Track 7-3Wave and Tidal Energy
  • Track 7-4Geothermal Energy
Waste to Energy (WTE), may be a term that's accustomed describe numerous technologies that convert non-recyclable waste into usable varieties of energy as well as heat, fuels and electricity. WTE will occur through variety of processes like burning, chemical action, pyrolysis, anaerobic digestion, and lowland gas recovery. The term WTE is usually employed in specific relevance burning that burns fully combusted waste at ultra-high temperatures leaving energy recovery. Trendy burning facilities use pollution management instrumentality to forestall the discharge of emissions into the surroundings.
  • Track 8-1Transforming the Strategy into Reality
  • Track 8-2Thermal Treatment
  • Track 8-3Waste, Energy & climate Change Policy

We can facilitate educate our families and communities concerning the importance of use for our surroundings, and the way every folks will build a distinction for a much better world by use. Recycling is directly connected to renewable energy because it helps in sustaining the natural resources of the world. With the promotional material concerning use reaching each nook and corner of the globe, there area unit several organizations, that have volunteered to require on use. Several merchandise are launched to facilitate correct use method. Northern California Compactor has pioneered during this field with their differing types of compactors and use units. However, there area unit many of us during this world, who are constantly in 2 minds concerning use. Knowing the advantages and advantages of use will facilitate in clearing their doubts.

  • Track 9-1Plastic Recycling
  • Track 9-2Paper Recycling
  • Track 9-3Industrial Waste Recycling
  • Track 9-4Chemical Waste Recovery
  • Track 9-5Food Waste Recycling
  • Track 9-6Agriculture Waste Recycling
  • Track 9-7Rubber Recycling
Tidal power, conjointly referred to as recurrent event energy, could be a style of hydropower that converts the energy of tides into helpful kinds of power – principally electricity.
Although not nonetheless wide used, recurrent event power has potential for future electricity generation. Tides area unit additional certain than wind energy and alternative energy. Among sources of renewable energy, recurrent event power has historically suffered from comparatively high value and restricted handiness of websites with sufficiently high recurrent event ranges or flow velocities, so constricting its total handiness. However, several recent technological developments and enhancements, each in style (e.g. dynamic recurrent event power, recurrent event lagoons) and rotary engine technology (e.g. new axial turbines, cross flow turbines), indicate that the overall handiness of recurrent event power could also be abundant above antecedently assumed, which economic and environmental prices could also be brought right down to competitive levels. recurrent event energy could be a renewable energy supply.
  • Track 10-1Tidal Stream Generator
  • Track 10-2Tidal Barrage
  • Track 10-3Dynamic Tidal Power
  • Track 10-4Tidal Lagoon
Biomass is a renewable energy source from living or recently living plant and animal materials which can be used as fuel. In the context of biomass for energy the term is usually want to mean plant primarily based material, however may apply to each animal and vegetable derived material. Biomass could be a key building block of biofuels – it are often specially mature for electricity production or to supply heat within the energy context, as an alternate to fossil fuels. Biomass consists for the most part of carbon, gas and chemical element and little quantities of different atoms, together with alkali, alkaline-earth metal and serious metals may be found. Biomass is that the building block or ‘feedstock’ for several different fuels. The key distinction between biomass and alternatives like fossil fuels is that the distinction between the time it takes to make full the supply of every. Biomass takes carbon out of the atmosphere whereas it's growing, and returns it because it is burned. If it's managed on a property basis, biomass is harvested as a part of a perpetually replenished crop, this can be either throughout dry land or agricultural management or as a part of an eternal program of replanting with the new growth taking over greenhouse gas from the atmosphere at an equivalent time because it is discharged by combustion of the previous harvest. In distinction, once a fuel is burnt the greenhouse gas within the atmosphere will increase because it takes many countless years for the fuel supply to be replenished.
  • Track 11-1Woody Crops
  • Track 11-2Thermal Conversions
  • Track 11-3Bio Chemical Conversions
  • Track 11-4Electro Chemical Conversions

An chemical battery may be a device consisting of 1 or a lot of chemistry cells with external connections provided to power electrical devices like flashlights, smartphones, and electrical cars. once battery is provision power, its positive terminal is that the cathode and its negative terminal is that the anode. The terminal marked negative is that the supply of electrons that once connected to Associate in Nursing external circuit can flow Associate in Nursing deliver energy to an external device. once battery is connected to Associate in Nursing external circuit, electrolytes square measure ready to move as ions at intervals, permitting the chemical reactions to be completed at the separate terminals so deliver energy to the external circuit. it's the movement of these ions at intervals the battery that permits current to emanate of the battery to perform work. traditionally the term "battery" specifically observed a tool composed of multiple cells, but the usage has evolved to boot to incorporate devices composed of one cell.

Emerging technologies are technologies that are perceived as capable of adjusting the established order. These technologies are usually new however embrace older technologies that are still controversial and comparatively undeveloped in potential, like preimplantation factor tic designation and gene medical care. Emerging technologies are characterized by radical novelty, comparatively quick growth, coherence, distinguished impact, and uncertainty and ambiguity. In alternative words, associate rising technology may be outlined as "a radically novel and comparatively quick growing technology defined by a precise degree of coherence dogging over time and with the potential to exert a substantial impact on the socio-economic domain(s) that is discovered in terms of the composition of actors, establishments and patterns of interactions among those, along side the associated data production processes. Its most distinguished impact, however lies within the future so within the emergence section remains somewhat unsure and ambiguous."

  • Track 13-1Agriculture
  • Track 13-2Materials Science
  • Track 13-3Medical
  • Track 13-4Construction
At its most simple, energy potency refers to a technique of reducing energy consumption by victimization less energy to realize an equivalent quantity of helpful output as an example, associate energy-efficient 12-watt diode bulb uses 75-80% less energy than a 60-watt ancient bulb however provides an equivalent level of sunshine. Efficient energy use has been a rising trend within the U S, thanks to increasing energy prices and also the environmental issues caused by greenhouse emission. This inexperienced energy trend is clear within the product and appliances purchasable to customers, several of that become a lot of energy-efficient from year to year. The trend conjointly extends to homes  a growing variety of prospective owners square measure commencing to request energy ratings before deciding to buy property.
  • Track 14-1Alternative Fuels
  • Track 14-2Energy Conservation
  • Track 14-3Sustainable Energy
  • Track 14-4Rebound Effect

Energy storage is that the capture of energy made at just one occasion to be used at a later time a tool that stores energy is usually known as Associate in Nursing accumulator or battery. Energy comes in multiple forms as well as radiation, chemical, gravitative potential, electrical potential, electricity, elevated temperature, heat and kinetic. Energy storage involves changing energy from forms that square measure tough to store to additional handily or economically storable forms. Some technologies offer short energy storage, whereas others will endure for much longer. Bulk energy storage is presently dominated by electricity dams, each standard in addition as tense.

  • Track 15-1Mechanical Storage
  • Track 15-2Thermal Storage
  • Track 15-3Home Energy Storage
  • Track 15-4Grid Electricity & Power Stations
  • Track 15-5Electrochemical storage systems
  • Track 15-6Flywheel energy storage

While nothing is for certain, some things which will lie ahead square measure currently terrible. If taking a short-run horizon of maybe 5 years or less, then such future challenges will for the foremost half be unheeded by the bulk of people and organizations. However, associate degree credible long designing very got to embrace an awareness on peak oil , peak water , food shortages , resource depletion , viral pandemics , antibiotic resistance , population ageing.

  • Track 16-1Urbanization
  • Track 16-2Water Scarcity
  • Track 16-3Global warming
Geothermal energy is thermal energy generated and hold on within the Earth. Thermal energy is that the energy that determines the temperature of matter. The heat of the Earth's crust originates from the initial formation of the earth and from decay of materials (in presently uncertain however presumably roughly equal to proportions). The energy gradient, that is the distinction in temperature between the core of the earth and its surface, drives a nonstop conductivity of thermal energy within the kind of heat from the core to the surface. The adjective energy originates from the Greek roots earth, and (thermos), that means hot.
  • Track 17-1Electricity
  • Track 17-2Enhanced Geothermal
  • Track 17-3Liquid Dominated Plants
  • Track 17-4Environmental Effects
Hybrid renewable energy systems (HRES) have become common as complete power systems for providing electricity in remote areas thanks to advances in renewable energy technologies and subsequent rise in costs of oil merchandise. A hybrid energy system, or hybrid power, typically consists of 2 or additional renewable energy sources used along offer to produce inflated system potency likewise as larger balance in energy supply.
  • Track 18-1Biomass Wind fuel cell
  • Track 18-2Photovoltaic & Wind
  • Track 18-3Concentrating Solar Power

Hydrogen is that the simplest part , associate atom of chemical element consists of only 1 nucleon and one negatron , it is also the foremost plentiful part within the universe. Despite its simplicity and abundance, chemical element does not occur naturally as a gas on the world - it is often combined with alternative components. Water, for instance, could be a combination of chemical element and O (H2O).Hydrogen is additionally found in several organic compounds, notably the hydrocarbons that structure several of our fuels, like gasoline, fossil fuel, methanol, and gas. Chemical element may be separated from hydrocarbons through the appliance of warmth - a method referred to as reforming. Currently, most chemical element is formed this manner from fossil fuel , associate electrical current can even be accustomed separate water into its part of O and chemical element. This method is understood as electrolysis. Some alga and bacterium, victimization daylight as their energy supply, even offer off chemical element underneath bound conditions.

  • Track 19-1Hydrogen as Fuel
  • Track 19-2Vehicular Transportation
  • Track 19-3Industrial Applications
  • Track 19-4Residential Applications
Hydropower or water power is derived from the energy of falling water or quick running water, which can be controlled for helpful functions. Since past, hydropower from several types of watermills has been used as a renewable energy supply for irrigation and therefore the operation of assorted mechanical devices, like gristmills, sawmills, textile mills, trip hammers, dock cranes, domestic lifts, and ore mills. A trompe, that produces compressed gas from falling water is usually accustomed power different machinery at a distance.
  • Track 20-1Hydraulic Power Pipe Networks
  • Track 20-2Compressed Air Hydro
  • Track 20-3Hydro Electricity
  • Track 20-4Future Potential
Marine energy or marine power (also typically said as ocean energy, ocean power, or (marine and fluid mechanics energy) refers to the energy carried by ocean waves, tides, salinity, and ocean temperature variations. The movement of water within the world’s oceans creates a huge store of K.E., or energy in motion , a number of this energy are often controlled to get electricity to power homes, transport and industries. The term marine energy encompasses each wave power i.e. power from surface waves, and recurrent event power i.e. obtained from the K.E. of huge bodies of moving water. Offshore alternative energy isn't a style of marine energy, as alternative energy comes from the wind, not with standing the wind turbines are placed over water. The oceans have an amazing quantity of energy and are about to several if not most focused populations. Ocean energy has the potential of providing a considerable quantity of latest renewable energy round the world.
  • Track 21-1Marine Current Power
  • Track 21-2Osmotic Power
  • Track 21-3Tidal Power
  • Track 21-4Wave Power
Photovoltaic SUDI shade is associate autonomous and mobile station in France that gives energy for electrical cars victimization solar power. Solar panels on the International artificial satellite Photovoltaics (PV) is that the conversion of sunshine into electricity victimization semi conductive materials that exhibit the electrical phenomenon impact, a development studied in physics and chemistry. A typical electrical phenomenon system employs star panels, every comprising variety of star cells, that generate power. PV installations could also be ground-mounted, top side mounted or wall mounted. The mount could also be fastened, or use a star hunter to follow the sun across the sky. Solar PV has specific blessings as associate energy source: once put in, its operation generates no pollution and no greenhouse emissions, it shows straight forward quantifiability in respect of power wants and chemical element has giant handiness within the Earth’s crust.
  • Track 22-1Solar Cells
  • Track 22-2Floating Solar Array
  • Track 22-3Telecommunication & signaling
  • Track 22-4Solar Pumps
Environmental engineering is that the branch of engineering that's involved with protective individuals from the results of adverse environmental effects like pollution, in addition as up environmental quality. Environmental engineers work to boost usage, waste disposal, public health, water and pollution management, in step with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
The apply of environmental engineering dates back to the dawn of civilization. Ever since teams of individuals began living in semi-permanent settlements, they need to subsume the challenges of providing clean water and removing solid waste and waste matter. With the expansion of cities and also the advent of large-scale farming and producing, individuals have conjointly had to fret concerning air quality and soil contamination.


  • Track 23-1Sustainable tourism
  • Track 23-2Urban and Rural Ecology
  • Track 23-3Waste Management (industrial, domestic, natural)
  • Track 23-4Biodiversity Conservation & Protected Areas Management