Bioremediation may be a waste management technique that involves the utilization of organisms to get rid of or neutralize pollutants from a contaminated site. Technologies will be usually classified as in situ or ex situ. In situ bioremediation involves treating the contaminated material at the location, whereas ex situ involves the removal of the contaminated material to be treated elsewhere. Bioremediation might occur on its own (natural attenuation or intrinsic bioremediation) or might solely effectively occur through the addition of fertilizers, oxygen, etc., that facilitate encourage the expansion of the pollution-eating microbes at intervals the medium. However, not all contaminants square measure simply treated by bioremediation using microorganisms. Phytoremediation is helpful in these circumstances as a result of natural plants or transgenic plants square measure ready to bio-accumulate these toxins in their above-ground components, that square measure then harvested for removal.

  • Phytoremediation
  • Bioleaching
  • Bio augmentation
  • Genetic Engineering Approaches
  • Mycoremediation
  • In-situ Bioremediation
  • Ex-situ Bioremediation

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